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Successfully funded on 15 September, 2016!




You guys are awesome! We successfully raised a total of 56k! Thank you everyone for your generous support! Your contribution made this campaign a successful one!!

ButterPly team

Image credit: HK01 / Photographer Mr. Chun Leung Yu

Image credit: HK01 / Photographer Mr. Chun Leung Yu

About Us

ButterPly is designed by UPSOP, a small Hong Kong based design studio comprised of passionate, innovative and energetic architects and product designers. The multi-disciplinary design team is dedicated to harness technology and craftsmanship to reuse and redefine mundane urban objects, materials and space. Its vision is to bring sensible design for the well-being of both people and the environment. 

UPSOP’s operations are novel, meticulous, 3-dimensonal, scaleless and re-materialising, playful, unexpected and delightful.